A Little Thunder & Marconi Lab EGO Thunder

A Little Thunder Marconi EGO

A Little Thunder and Marconi Lab have collaborated on the EGO Thunder Signature Model “Orange Drop” guitar. It’s a headless, alder-bodied, maple-necked, ebony-fretboarded, tricked-out music machine with an A Little Thunder pickup in the neck position and a Lace Alumitone Deathbucker at the bridge. The A Little Thunder pickup is, of course, the revolutionary ‘create a separate bass signal out of your lowest three guitar strings’ device designed by Andy Alt. The guitar and all hardware are made 100% in Italy, and A Little Thunder is 100 percent made in the USA.

I like the boldness of the design, and the ‘arm,’ chassis’ and ‘head’ labels which give it a real ‘designy’ feel. It looks crazy comfortable to play too. If you haven’t checked out A Little Thunder yet, here’s the deal: it listens to the lowest three strings (originally it was just the bottom two, but a recent firmware update unlocked a secret third coil) and generates a bass signal which it then sends to a separate signal chain (and it can do it independently of your pickup selection, so you can be rocking chewy riffage on your bridge humbucker while A Little Thunder works its magic). It also has a Low Note Priority mode which processes only the lowest note of a chord, so you can blast away on a full six-string barre chord with only the low E string being used for a bass signal.

For a limited time you can get $400 off the EGO Thunder, limited to the first 50 orders. Have a question? Reach out to Marconi Lab or A Little Thunder directly. Buy it direct (and see plenty more pics) here.

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A Little Thunder

In January I finally got the chance to try Andy Alt’s A Little Thunder pickup and I immediately fell in love with it. It allows you to add bass notes to the lowest two strings and send them through another amp. It’s even smart enough to know if you want it to do so with both notes of a chord or with just the low E. It’s super-clever and super-effective. I’ve been a big supporter of this pickup since way back when it was in the design stages and it’s great to see it inspiring so many people, and now making its way out into the world. It’s also been great to see it go from one guy’s idea, through to a huge amount of really hard work, through to a completed, marketed pickup that can now help people make the music they hear in their head.

A Little Thunder is shipping right now (and if you keep an eye on Facebook you might have already noticed “Yay, my Little Thunder arrived!” posts popping up) with free worldwide shipping. You can get yours here.

A little more info from the site: “A fully revolutionized & patented pickup design, A Little Thunder™ is a replacement humbucker that gives guitarists the ability to play guitar + bass together… or separately. Each of the two pickups in A Little Thunder™ can operate independently. The top pickup allows all 6 guitar strings to be heard, as they normally are. A second pickup for the bottom most strings (E & A) processes the organic frequency at -1 octave or -2 octaves. A Low-Note-Priority™ mode allows you to give the bass effects to only the lowest of the 2 notes being played, great for strumming.”


Introducing A Little Thunder

Ever wish you could have a big fat bass right there on your guitar? Me too. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff like octave pedals and 8-strings, and they’re all fun, but nothing quite does what the A Little Thunder pickup does. It takes your lowest two strings and shifts them down an octave or two. You can output the signal with your regular guitar sound or you can wire it up so you can send it to a whole separate rig. If you play metal or stoner styles you can get some hugely fat sounds. If you play jazz you can do some amazing walking bass stuff. If you’re a solo singer/guitarist you can really, really flesh out your compositions. But it’s not the “If you’re a [this] you can do [this]” applications that excite me the most: it’s the stuff that we can’t even envision yet that people will be using this for. Andy Alt has launched a Kickstarter to get this baby happening and there are plenty of great perks, my favourite of which is lunch with tech-to-the-starts Thomas Nordegg (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Mike Keneally). I’d like to think that Thomas would show up for lunch with some kind of MIDI-enabled, LED-festooned Ultra-Spork. But there’s also – get this – a 1987 Ibanez RG550 Roadflare Red prototype signed by Steve Vai and with A Little Thunder installed. Sweet, huh?

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