Tosin Abasi’s PRS 8-String McCarty

Whoa. Just… just whoa. If the embed doesn’t work for you, check it out at this link.

Tosin Abasi's PRS 8-string

INTERVIEW: Periphery’s Mark Holcomb

Mark HolcombIt seems like just yesterday that Periphery was in Australia – and it pretty much was, if you count ‘March’ as yesterday. Whereas last time around they travelled the country as part of the huge Soundwave festival juggernaut, they’re heading back in January and February for their own tour with like-minded proggy djenty iconoclasts Animals As Leaders. And what better way to prepare for the tour than to have a chat with guitarist Mark Holcomb? I caught up with Mark yesterday ahead of the second-last Periphery gig of the band’s current US tour. And right around the time I’m typing this, they’re onstage playing their very last show before taking some much-needed time off. But it won’t be long before we hear some new Periphery music, as you will see…  Read More …

Periphery & Animals As Leaders Oz Tour

PERIPHERYForgive my girlish squeal but eeeeeeek! Periphery and Animals As Leaders have just announced an Australian tour for this January/February, hitting three cities (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne). Now, if you caught Periphery during their last Australian tour – when they were here for Soundwave – you’d know that these guys are pretty much un-freaking-stoppable as a live unit at the moment. And Animals As Leaders were here this time last year (has it already been that long? Whoa) with Between The Buried & Me. But this is a killer chance to catch them both together here in the Antipodes. Here’s the press release:  Read More …

DiMarzio Ionizer 8 Tosin Abasi Pickups

DiMarzio has just announced the Ionizer 8 signature pickup set for Animals As Leaders’ Tosin Abasi. But wait, what’s this? “DiMarzio announced it will release three new Ionizer 8™ pickups developed for Abasi’s new signature 8-string Ibanez guitar in January of 2013.” Sa-weet! Great to see Ibanez doing another signature 8-string. And hey, Ibanez, if you’d like to do yet another one, gimmie a call. Hehe.


Staten Island, N.Y., December 11, 2012 – DiMarzio, Inc. welcomes Tosin Abasi, trail-blazing pioneer of modern heavy music and lead guitarist of progressive instrumental band Animals as Leaders to its roster of endorsers. DiMarzio announced it will release three new Ionizer 8™ pickups developed for Abasi’s new signature 8-string Ibanez guitar in January of 2013. DiMarzio will also make the Ionizer 8™ pickups available for retail sale. Read More …

Jaden Rose Guitars at NAMM 2012

Just stumbled across this video on YouTube of the fine folks from England’s Jaden Rose Guitars capering at the NAMM Show (including some great shreddage by Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders). These guys make incredible guitars that are especially shred and djent-friendly. Six-strings, seven-strings, eight-strings, fixed bridge, Floyd Rose, extended scale, multi-scale, exotic woods, DiMarzio pickups, ridiculously comfortable necks…   want!


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