Dave Weiner’s Riff Of The Week gets even more kickass

Dave Weiner‘s excellent Riff Of The Week service is about to go subscription – from as low as just 99c per week. But more than that, Dave’s planning to kick the service up a notch by making the videos quicker and easier to digest, while also offering ‘Lick Of The Week Extended’ for those who want to go deeper. I think this is a great idea, and I know some people are already complaining to Dave that they don’t want to pay, but y’know what? This is a professional musician who has given a hell of a lot of his own time to this great service, and man, from 99c a week it’s totally worth it. He’s also about to launch something called ‘Jam With Me’ but more details on that will be announced next week.

Here’s a video from Dave explaining the changes.

NEWS: Dave Weiner sells his Ibanezes, joins PRS

Now this is interesting. Finding his guitar needs shifting in new directions and no longer feeling that Ibanez reflected his personality, Dave Weiner is selling off a bunch of his Ibanezes and is hooking up with PRS under a non-exlusive agreement which will allow him to play other brands when he feels like it, while also developing 6 and 7 string models. Cool!

Dave talks about his sweet new PRS 513 in this video here:

You can read more, including comments from Dave, on this thread on Jemsite.

As for Dave’s garage sale, check out the guitars he’s saying goodbye to here. Currently he’s selling an Ibanez LACS (LA Custom Shop) 7 string, an Ibanez AF207 7-string jazz guitar with one-of-a-kind 5-way high frequency filter, an Ibanez AJ30ECE acoustic guitar used on Steve Vai’s recent ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ live CD and DVD, and an Ibanez SR485 5-string bass.

LINK: Daveweiner.com

WONDERHOWTO: Play a simple melodic riff on electric guitar (Dave Weiner)

Here’s this week’s video from site sponsor WonderHowTo, a very cool site which collates ‘how to’ videos from all over the place. 

This week I’ve picked a video by Steve Vai’s rhythm guitarist Dave Weiner, who posts regular ‘Riff of the Week’ features on his site. This video is “How to play a simple melodic riff on electric guitar,” and it reminds me of a series of lessons I teach my students (and which I’ve written about in my instructional column in Mixdown magazine). What I especially like about this video of Dave’s is that it can be applied to players of all skill levels.
By the way, Dave has some gorgeous Ibanez LA Custom Shop seven strings. Want!!!
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