Robb Flynn Reunited With Stolen Guitars

This is so great. So, so great.

From the YouTube description:

Back in 2010 Robb Flynn’s Martinez, CA house was burglarized. Stolen with the cash, jewelry, and other items were four guitars, and amongst these four was easily one of his most meaningful possession, a 1997 Washburn Dimebolt guitar that was given to him onstage at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, by the late-great Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrell.

Last night, some six years later, it was returned to him along with an un-released Epiphone prototype.


When Holly Cherry put a $10 dollar online bid to buy an unclaimed storage unit in San Bernardino, she had no idea what she would find. Tucked away in said storage unit she discovered that it had two electric guitars. So like anyone she went about getting a valuation on them, luckily the un-released Epiphone Signature Series prototype had Robb Flynn’s autograph on the back. Using the Google Translate App to take a photo of the name it eventually pulled up various stories on the theft.

Emailing some photos over to Bryan Kehoe at Jim Dunlop Strings and Pedals (long-time sponsors of Machine Head). Bryan then forwarded the pics to Robb’s high school buddy Craig Locicero who Robb performed with in the band Forbidden before Machine Head who contacted Robb.

Opening the email, Flynn was stunned to find photos of two of the four guitars, including the beloved Dimebolt. Flynn explained, “I’ve had so many false leads over the last 6 years I can’t even tell you, literally hundreds, and while was grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm in helping find them, but I had kind of given up hope.” Adds Flynn, “you can imagine my shock when that email came through and it was really them! I was sitting in our son Wyatt’s gymnastics class waiting for it to start and I blurted out ‘HOLY S**T, they found my guitars!’ My kids laughed and said ‘what what?’”

Contacting Holly, she agreed to meet Robb in Oakland where the guitars were returned, miraculously, in near perfect condition considering they were stolen without a case, and only missing one volume knob.

In closing Flynn added, “I’d like to thank Holly Cherry for being so amazing throughout this entire process, she truly is an outstanding human being. I’d also like to thank Officer Ian Leong of the Martinez Police Dept. who has stayed on the case for over 6 years, and has been unrelenting in hunting down the thieves. Lastly huge, huge, HUGE props go out to Craig Locicero and Bryan Kehoe for contacting me with this info, and also to Chris Wallace and Wes Anderson for connecting the dots. The Ibanez guitar that I used to write and record Machine Head’s debut ‘Burn My Eyes’ is still out there missing, so I’m asking all the Head Cases to keep their eyes peeled. But for now, the Dimebolt is home and it’s moments like these that make you believe man, they make you believe!”

Wes Hauch Demos The Dimebag Darrell Set

You’ve gotta check this out. Wes Hauch demoing the Seymour Duncan Dimebag Signature Set, which includes a Dimebucker in the bridge position and the bridge version of the ’59 in the neck position (which Dime preferred because it was a better match for the power of the Dimebucker than the regular neck ’59). I fricken love how well Wes is able to tap into Dime’s tone and phrasing. I like that one of the comments on the video on YouTube is “Wes Hauch for a reunion tour!” Dude would nail it. Read More …

Ultra Rare Chance For Buddy Blaze-Modded Dean ML

From Buddy’s Facebook: “About 30 years ago, I bought this ’79 Dean ML from my good friend Eugene at the Arlington Guitar Show… I started restoring it in ’87. I got very busy with Kramer and Vivian Campbell at the time, so I put it in its case, in its present state. It has been there ever since then… I have pulled it out a couple of times since then, once to show Dimebag Darrell when Pantera was in New York touring with Prong. He was always looking for used MLs back then… Anyway, it’s time for me to finally finish it and find a new home for it. Who wants a genuine vintage Dean ’79 ML restored by Buddy Blaze? Call 818 620 6445 to put your name on it. Serious only please…”
More pics below!

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Seymour Duncan Dimebag Darrell Set

DimebuckerIf you’ve never tried it, the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker is a thing of beauty. Brutal beauty, to be sure, but beauty nonetheless. It’s a very aggressive pickup designed with Dime to help him get that edgy yet thick tone with huge harmonics and plenty of punch. It takes a pretty powerful neck pickup to keep up with the Dimebucker and Dime experimented with quite a few over the years, but according to his tech Grady Champion, Dime used the Seymour Duncan ’59 Model for the longest chunk of time, finding it to be a great match for the Dimebucker. But Dime didn’t use the ’59 neck model: he used the more powerful bridge version instead. Seymour Duncan is now offering the Dimebag Signature Set, which pairs a Dimebucker and a bridge ’59 Model. Here’s the press release.

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NAMM: Seymour Duncan Jason Becker, Black Winter 7/8

unnamed-1Seymour Duncan had some really cool new stuff on show at NAMM, though you won’t find them on the SD website or social media pages yet –  the formal, official announcements will take place a little closer to the products’ respective release dates. But how’s this for cool: SD is releasing a Jason Becker signature humbucker, the Perpetual Burn. It’s a bridge humbucker with a relative moderate output, and it’s based on pickups that Jason was developing with Seymour Duncan back in the David Lee Roth A Little Aint Enough era before ALS took his ability to play. But Jason was very involved in the prototyping process of the new pickup, with Michael Lee Firkins playing the pickups and Jason giving feedback. It’s a 12k Alnico V pickup which fits in there somewhere between the ’59 and JB. Read More …

INTERVIEW: Mark Dronge of DR Strings

Mark Dronge with Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead

Here at I Heart Guitar we (and by we I mean me) are just as geeky about gear companies and the people behind them as ‘we’ are about music and the people who make it. And it’s always enlightening to hear from those who are behind the gear that helps us to make music. Mark Dronge, president of DR Strings, comes from a family with an important musical heritage: his father Al Dronge founded Guild.  So I Heart Guitar would like to know…

Tell us a little about your background. Your father founded Guild – what was it like to grow up around the musical instrument industry?

Growing up I was always aware of music especially piano and guitar. I am older than most people on the planet. I liked listening to music in my home…Broadway tunes, classical music, jazz. But I remember hating music on the radio. It was so bad until I was in high school. Elvis Presley’s music was the first listenable radio music. And then in the 60’s everything exploded…thank goodness. So what do I like now? Not one thing. I would not buy a heavy metal CD, but I love the energy of a heavy metal live concert. Great guitar music is always great to listen to, as are wonderful vocalists. Stefan Grossman of finger picking fame is an old favorite. And of course when I first heard Adele I was as excited as the first time I went to a Grateful Dead concert back in 1967.

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INTERVIEW: Rex Brown talks Vulgar Display

It’s twenty years since Pantera released Vulgar Display Of Power. That’s the same as the span of time between the Beatles’ first world tour and Van Halen’s Jump. Or between Led Zeppelin IV and Pearl Jam’s Ten. It seems hard to believe now, where crunchy metal riffs are used in everything from kids’ movies to breakfast cereal ads, but once upon a time the closest thing to metal heard outside bedrooms and car stereos was the likes of Poison and Bon Jovi. Vulgar Display helped to change all that. Along with Metallica’s Black album, it was enormously influential on musicians looking to break free of the stylistic quirks of cock rock without switching gears to the grunge sounds that were rapidly gaining prominence. Pantera combined jagged, hi-fi, post-thrash guitar tones with aggressive vocals, harsh production and a sense of groove – borrowed from Southern Rock – and in the process they ignited a revolution.

“We had a lot of hunger. A lot of the juices were flowing, big-time, and I just remember it being a really creative period for the band,” bass player Rex Brown says of 1992-vintage Pantera. “Very creative. We knew what direction we were headed and we were very aware of where we wanted to go, yet it just came out so naturally that we didn’t have to second-guess anything. There it was! Every day we were waking up just wanting to go to work.”

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NAMM 2012: Dean Dimebag ‘Concrete Sledge’ ML

I first wrote about this a few weeks ago but I just got to check it out in person. Dean Dimebag ‘Concrete Sledge’ ML based on the guitar that Dime tuned to Drop D and used to play, you guessed it! Dime’s original had a Washburn neck on a Dean body, with a custom graphic finish covering the whole body. The new Dean version has the finish on the front and back, but not wrapping around the sides like the real deal. They’ve also changed the headstock shape. How do I know?

Cos they had Dime’s actual guitar there. See?


Oh and to the NAMM attendee next to me who saw it and said “Oooh look! A guitar with a KISS sticker on it,” you’re fired from metal.

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