REVIEW: Dean Cadillac Straight-Six

cadillacThe Cadillac is one of Dean Guitars’ oldest designs, originally surfacing in 1980. On the surface it could be viewed as ‘Oh, that’s just the front half of an Explorer stuck to the back half of a Les Paul,’ if you wanted to get all basic about it, but Dean have always put their own spin on things, so of course you’re getting Dean’s own approach to crucial things like neck profile, fretwork and electronics: we all know that a guitar is about much more than just the shape. The Cadillac Straight-Six is one of Dean’s newest models, members of the Straight-Six series which adds a six-in-line headstock and classy gold hardware to one of four classic Dean shapes: the ML (think Dimebag Darrell), the V, the Z (think Explorer) and of course the Cadillac.

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