Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Standard


Gibson has offered a few different Gary Moore Les Paul models over the years, and all of them have been beautiful. But I just can’t tear my eyes away from the latest: the Gary Moore Les Paul Standard. That Lemon Burst finish just kills me. This guitar takes many cues from the legendary ’59 Burst Moore was most associated with (the one that was previously owned by Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green). There are a few twists though, which set this guitar apart from previous Gibson Gary Moore Les Pauls. Read More …

Gary Moore Live At Montreux 2010

Oh wow! Gary Moore live album/DVD with performances of three unreleased songs Moore was working on in his last days. It’s your guitaristic duty to add this to your collection.





Eagle Rock Entertainment will release, on September 20, the very last live performance in the life of acclaimed guitarist/singer/songwriter Gary Moore. Live At Montreux 2010 strikingly shows a major return-to-rock for the musician who spent years exploring the blues. In fact, in the last days of his life, Moore, who died on February 6 of this year, was working on a new rock album.

What makes this release so compelling is the inclusion of three never-before-released gems, “Days Of Heroes,” “Where Are You Now” and “Oh Wild One,” that he previewed for the Montreux audience and had fully intended to put on the album he was writing and recording at the time. The rest of the set is heavy on the 1980s rock he pioneered solo, as well as his late 60s/70s work with Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy and Skid Row. And, of course, some blues.

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Live at Montreux 2010 [Blu-ray]
Live at Montreux 2010 [DVD] 
Live at Montreux 2010 [CD]

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NEWS: Wanna buy Gary Moore’s 1958 Les Paul?

Here’s a 1958 Les Paul that was owned by Gary Moore from 1991 to 1994. For a mere $295,000 it can be yours. This isn’t ‘the’ famous Gary Moore/Peter Green Les Paul but it’s still provenancy as all get-out.
According to the eBay listing:

This guitar is considered to be the Holy Grail to many guitar enthusiasts, collectors and musicians. Sunburst Les Pauls were and are played by the most iconic rock stars of any era. Billy Gibsons, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Duane Allman, Ace Frehley, Jeff Beck, Paul Kossoff, Joe Walsh, Gary Richrath, Steve Lukather, Gary Moore, Michael Boomfield, Peter Green, Gary Rossington, Ed King, Slash, Edward Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Rick Nielsen and many many others. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a vintage Les Paul that has a history that is traceable back to the 1960’s AND was owned by Gary Moore. This guitar is in spectacular condition and has made appearances in numerous magazines and books. The color is fantastic and the top has a very pleasant mild flame. Guitar plays and sounds fabulous. I personally dealt with Gary Moore’s management and tech to acquire this guitar for a collector in 1994 and the experience of working with Mr. Moore’s staff was a great pleasure.

This Les Paul was used for all of Gary Moore’s “After Hours” CD photo shoot. It was used for Gary’s 8X10 B&W glossy photos. It was used in two Gary Moore videos: “Cold Day in Hell.” and Since I Met You Baby.” This guitar has been featured in NUMEROUS books and magazines. (ie: “The Electric Guitar, an illustrated history.” Pages 93 and 147.)

CLICK HERE to see the guitar on eBay.

NEWS: Satch sues Coldplay

Joe Satriani is suing Coldplay due to the similarity between his song ‘If I Could Fly’ from the ‘Is There Love In Space?’ album, and Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida.’ Read the whole article here, but the following is an excerpt:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rock guitarist Joe Satriani has sued British band Coldplay, accusing the Grammy-nominated stars of plagiarizing one of his songs.

Satriani’s copyright infringement suit, filed on Thursday in Los Angeles federal court, claims the Coldplay song “Viva La Vida” incorporates “substantial original portions” of his 2004 instrumental “If I Could Fly.”

The 52-year-old guitar virtuoso is seeking a jury trial, damages and “any and all profits” attributable to the alleged copyright infringement.

I’m often skeptical when claims like this come up (remember when someone claimed Metallica stole the Enter Sandman riff?) but just this week Gary Moore was sued over ‘Still Got The Blues’ even though the song he was alleged to have copied was not even available on record when he did his song. And while there are a million blues-rock songs that sound like each other (not to mention the dozen or so I-V-VI-IV songs released each week), this isn’t the most conventional chord progression or most likely melody and phrasing to stumble across.

So what do you think? Honest coincidence? Dishonest copycatting? Or did someone from Coldplay hear the Satch song, and later on the same melody and chords filtered into their own songwriting subconsciously?

NEWS: New Releases 06/10/2008

Gary Moore – Bad for You Baby Eagle Records
Another blues-rock album from Gary Moore (am I the only one who misses his hard rock stuff from the mid 80s, when he thought he was Eddie Van Halen?), this one includes originals and covers, and is said to be more energetic and all-round rippin’ than his previous album, ‘Close As You Get.’

Pat Metheny & Anna Maria Jopek – Upojenie Nonesuch
This album was originally released in 2002, but is only now finding worldwide release. Jazz legend Metheny duets with Polish singer and keyboardist Anna Maria Jopek, joined by a group of Polish musicians.

David T Chastain – Mystery of Illusion Shrapnel
This remastered reissue of BC Rich-wielding shredder Chastain’s Shrapnel debut includes such metal titles as ‘I Fear No Evil,’ ‘When The Battle’s Over’ and ‘ Night of the Gods.’ There are also two bonus tracks in the form of original demos for ‘Mystery of Illusion’ and ‘The Winds Of Change.’

Revolution Renaissance – New Era Blistering Records
Debut album of the new band by Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tolkki. Although I doubt this album will be as entertaining as Timo’s very public split from Stratovarious, which was pretty much played out on the internet in real time, it’s bound to include lots of grandiose shredding and operatic vocals. Includes the vocals of Michael Kiske (Helloween), Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia), and Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone).