Guitar Maintenance And Care Tips You Should Never Ignore



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Guitars are more than just musical instruments. To many musicians, their guitars are an extension of their soul. A means, not only to express what their soul cannot, but also as a means to evoke emotion in other people. The value of a guitar to a musician goes beyond something that’s pecuniary. Whether you own a cheap guitar or an expensive guitar, you have to know how to take good care of it. 

What are some guitar care tips that we should all know?

Replace The Strings Regularly

Strings lose their sound quality over time. The more you play your guitar, the faster the sound quality deteriorates. The intervals at which you change your strings vary depending on how much you play. Generally, you’re going to want to replace your strings once a month.

Wipe Your Strings After Every Session

Oil, dirt, and grime from your fingers can build up quickly and corrode your strings if left alone too long. While you don’t necessarily have to wipe down your fretboard after each use, you definitely have to wipe down your strings in order to keep them from corroding. This also ensures that your guitar sounds the way that it should, and it’ll make cleaning the fretboard easier when you decide to do so. This is especially important for players who have excessively sweaty hands.

Dust and Polish Your Guitar Regularly

Besides maintaining the aesthetics of your guitar, cleaning an acoustic guitar or even an electric guitar, on a regular basis will help increase your guitar’s resale value in case you decide to sell your guitar later on if you play for an hour every day.

Store Your Guitar In Its Case

This is the safest possible place for your guitar, especially when you get a hard case that also protects from minor drops. This is especially important if you have kids and pets at home that are likely to topple your guitar over. Your guitar case will also help protect it from extreme temperatures.

Avoid Playing In Sudden Temperature Changes

Avoid taking your guitar from a cold air-conditioned room into a hot, humid environment as rapid temperature and humidity changes tend to take their toll on a guitar’s internals. If you really must play outside, leave your guitar in its case and allow it to acclimate before playing.

Final Word: Play Your Guitar

Even though this entire article is all about keeping your guitar clean and crisp, we strongly encourage you to play your guitar. A guitar is meant to be played, just as a challenge is meant to be overcome. Don’t forget that the reason you bought your guitar is to play with it. So, enjoy your guitar. Nobody said you can’t enjoy something without taking good care of it.