Peavey Resumes HP 2 Production

The story is pretty well known by now: Eddie Van Halen designs the Wolfgang with Peavey, Eddie eventually sets up his own brand in partnership with Fender, and many years later Peavey announces that it has a bunch of old parts left over since the 90s and that the model will be returned to the lineup as the HP 2. It’s been quite a while since the HP 2 was announced, but now Peavey has enlisted new luthiers in Europe to take over production, using those original parts until they run out, after which they’ll be fresh new builds.Here’s the press release from Peavey with more info. I also note that unlike the original Wolfies, the HP 2 has coil splits for each pickup. Neat. Anyway, if you follow me on social media you probably know I have a huge thing for blue guitars with zebra humbuckers, and several pics in this article have me positively fizzing.

Peavey Resumes HP 2 Production with Renewed Vintage Appeal

MERIDIAN, MS — Peavey Electronics® has officially resumed production of the HP 2® electric guitar and is giving players an incentive to pre-order one today. Peavey has entrusted some of the best luthiers in Europe to take over production of the HP 2, and the first 400 builds will be New Old Stock made from wood that’s been aging since the 1990s. For authenticity, guitars built with this aged wood will be marked with “NOS” on the back of the headstock. Available in Black, Deep Ocean, Tiger Eye and Moonburst finishes, the HP 2 was fashioned to stand out, and with high-quality materials and impeccable electronics, it’s designed for iconic vintage tone.

The HP 2 stays true to Peavey’s legacy of award-winning guitars, and is constructed with leading-edge technology, traditional handcrafted methods, professional-quality upgrades, and customizations. While the aesthetic is classic, the HP 2 brings its own unique flair with its carved top and offset, asymmetrical body design that offers comfort, proper balance, and maximum ease of playing. As a testament to its high quality, the HP 2 even bears the initials of Peavey founder and CEO, Hartley Peavey.

The HP 2 starts out with a classic cutaway design, contoured neck heel, and bolt-on construction. Peavey selected maple for the top and basswood for the back. These hardwoods were selected not only for their natural beauty and weight characteristics, but also for their excellent tonal qualities. As experienced players know, supreme sonic character is achieved when tonal woods have the opportunity to age. The woods used for the initial 400 guitars have been stored in a safe and secure environment for nearly 30 years.

The HP 2 offers an attractive birdseye maple neck and fingerboard cut from a single piece of wood and finished with stress-relieved lamination. This approach not only keeps the color and grain patterns consistent, but also provides for unmatched stability and playability. An easy-access steel torsion rod and dual graphite reinforcement bars enhance the strength of the build. The HP 2 has a 25.5’’ scale length, 22 jumbo frets, and 15’’ fingerboard radius. The 10-degree tilt-back headstock has a 3+3 tuning machine configuration complete with Schaller® tuning machines with pearloid buttons. Chrome-plated hardware polishes off the look.

Electronically, the HP 2 offers two custom-wound Peavey humbucking pickups that supply optimal output and tonal response. They’re made using a two-step, wax-dipping process that provides ultra-low noise operation and resistance to feedback. The pickups are mounted directly to the body, further reducing feedback at high volume levels and enhancing response. A Switchcraft® 3-way toggle switch allows selection of pickups in up, center, and down configurations, while two push-pull knobs for volume and tone allow the pickups to be split individually. For the finishing touch, players will find a Peavey/Floyd Rose® licensed, double-locking tremolo assembly ensuring excellent sustain.

From top to bottom, the HP 2 is a vintage-inspired guitar for modern players of various styles. MSRP is $2999.99 with hardshell case included.

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