The Seymour Duncan James Hetfield Invader Mystery

Hetfield and Hammett
A little while ago I got my paws on a Schecter Synyster Gates Custom guitar with Seymour Duncan Invader pickups, and I was pretty impressed by how easily it was able to capture classic 80s thrash tones. In fact, I found myself chugging out on the riff to Metallica’s “Disposable Heroes” for way longer than anyone would care to hear, just because it sounded so damn chunky.

“But wait,” I thought. “I feel a sense of deja vu here… something to do with the Invader …and Metallica…” It wasn’t until a little while later that I made the connection during one of my frequent excursions down the Google rabbit hole: it has been reported that James Hetfield used the Seymour Duncan Invader humbucker on Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets, in his Electra Flying V copy as well as his white Jackson King V. Interviews from back in the day seem to be very hard to come by (i.e. I can’t find any, dammit), but below are some pics from a Google image search that seem to support these reports, and there’s some other cool info here.

In the Electra pic in particular, you can make out the smaller logo and larger pole pieces of the Invader – and there are rumours that the pickup in the KV1 King V is a Seymour Duncan Allan Holdsworth model, which seems possible since the pole pieces in the pic below look more like the Holdsworth’s double screws than the huge hex poles of the Invader.

Either way, if anyone has any clearer pics I’d love to see ’em! Of course, even as a huge Seymour Duncan geek it’d be wrong of me to omit that Papa Het has long used EMG pickups and now has his own signature Het Set.

Hetfield Electra

Hetfield Jackson V

Keith Merrow, Wes Hauch Tear Heads Off With New Duncans

WESCheck out this new video of Keith Merrow and Wes Hauch tearing off the heads of all and sundry in this as they demo Seymour Duncan’s various 8-string humbucking pickups. Keith’s using his Schecter and Wes is using the new Jackson SLATFXQMG 3-8, the model we looked at a few days ago here and which you can read more about here, and which looks extra-cool with those Duncan passive-in-active-housing pickups, don’t ya think? In the video below you’ll hear Duncan’s Pegasus bridge, Sentient neck, Nazgul bridge, Distortion neck and bridge, Invader neck and bridge, and Blackouts neck and bridge models all put to devastating use by Keith and Wes. Enjoy! Read More …

REVIEW: Schecter Synyster Gates Custom

SchecterAvenged Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates has done a lot to promote the gloriously fun art of lead guitar. He’s also helped to further the cause of post-Metallica heavy metal riffage, amply demonstrated on A7X’s most recent album, Nightmare. Syn requires a guitar that allows him to flawlessly execute complex lead work as well as ballsy rhythm chunk, and for years now he’s been working with Schecter to achieve this. The Synyster Gates Custom is one of five models for the guitarist, and this particular variant is perhaps the best summary of the line. [geo-in country=”Australia” note=””]Shop for Schecter online in Australia at the Schecter Guitar Centre.[/geo-in] Read More …

Seymour Duncan Merch Now Available

photoMy friends at Seymour Duncan (where I help out in the social media department, as you may have seen in my bio to the right of the page there) have just launched, a web store where you can purchase all sorts of SD goodies, from T-shirts and pickup-inspired necklaces to straps, pots and pickup covers.

I particularly like the Invader shirt and the Invader necklace, both of which you can see me modelling in this awkwardly posed Instagram photo taken while I waited for my buddy to show up for lunch.

I’ve noticed a lot of love for the Invader lately as I cruise around guitar forums and generally talk guitar with folks, and I got stopped more than a few times at NAMM by folks wanting to know where they could get this shirt. Well, now ya know!

Seymour Duncan & Strictly 7 Keith Merrow giveaway

Seymour Duncan and Strictly 7 join forces for “The Strictly F#%$#@% Awesome Keith Merrow Signature Guitar Giveaway”

Strictly 7 Guitars recently announced the addition of the Spectral Keith Merrow Signature Guitar to its growing line of 7 and 8 string guitars. This guitar features the Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader –  a humbucker that has a well-earned reputation as one of the most aggressive passive pickups ever. To celebrate the launch of this new guitar, Seymour Duncan and Strictly 7 have joined forces to launch “The Strictly F#%$#@% Awesome Keith Merrow Signature Guitar Giveaway” Between August 20th and September 3rd, everyone in the world will have a chance to enter to win this guitar.

Enter to win the guitar here:

The Spectral Signature Series Merrow is built to the following specs:

Cobra 7 string
Neck thru
27.5 scale
Reverse inline headstock
Northern Ash body wings
5 piece flamed maple and walnut neck
Ebony fretboard
26 jumbo stainless steel frets
Black Sperzel tuners
Black original Floyd Rose bridge
SD Invaders
Single volume
3 way switch
Spectral inlay
Infinity Grey with full black binding finish throughout

Street Price: $2090 with Hipshot bridge or $2290 with Floyd Rose

REVIEW: DMT Tyrant Michael Amott humbucker

Michael Amott knows a thing or two about tone. Whether it’s vintage death metal with Carcass, hard rock with Spiritual Beggars or his main job in Arch Enemy, Amott has the ears, hands and sense of sonic taste to craft the perfect sound for whatever musical situation he finds himself in. After flings with guitars like the Ibanez RG550 and his former ESP signature model the Ninja, Amott is now a Dean endorser, with his own line of signature guitars. And central to the tone of this imposing axe is the DMT Tyrant, Amott’s signature humbucker from Dean’s pickup division, Dean Magnetic Technologies. Amott was kind enough to arrange for a Tyrant humbucker to be sent out for review after I interviewed him recently.

Read More …