What’s Joe Matera Up To?

FA-300The other day I reached out to my buddy Joe Matera to fill me in on what he’s been up to lately musically. Joe’s an awesome guitarist who’s doing great things in getting his music heard worldwide, and he’s been very patient in putting up with me planning to write about his adventures but then getting distracted by pretty shiny things. So Joe, what are you up to? “I am embarking on my second European tour in May, 2014, and I am working on new music and a new rock vocal single to follow up my very successful ‘Fallen Angel’ single that continues to do well over in Europe. My upcoming new single ‘Shining Star’ features Pete Lincoln (THE SWEET) playing bass on it. Also, Martin Bullard (SMOKIE) plays keyboards on an acoustic version of the new single. And Rick Brewster (THE ANGELS) again guests on another new instrumental track of mine. New single will be released later this year and again will be out via W.A.R Productions in Europe.” Read More …

Joe Matera to release new album Creature of Habit


Instrumental melodic rock fans will be rejoicing this September as renowned guitarist Joe Matera unleashes his new album Creature Of Habit on the world. The Australian native has built up a fine body of work to date and this may well be his best yet.
Following in the tradition of fellow instrumental artists such as Joe Satriani ,Matera has added a vocal track to the album as well as the eleven instrumental numbers (9 plus 3 bonus) on offer here. Adding a new dimension to his work, which fans will savour.
‘Fallen Angel’ is one such highlight, acting as a perfect showcase for Joe’s vocal ability, alongside his instrumental/guitar work. Other tracks include ‘Slide’, ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Brave New World’ and ‘Outland’.
Backing up Matera on Creature Of Habit are American drummer James Strickler ( Angelic Rage) handling drumming duties (as well as bass on several tracks), and Tony Dolan (Venom, MPire of Evil) on bass on three tracks and Rich Davenport on one.
Matera is also joined by a few guests, The Angels’ Rick Brewster, Smokie’s Mick McConnell – both who appeared on Matera’s 2011 EP Slave To The Fingers which received glowing reviews across the globe, make a welcome return, again making a guest guitar solo contribution on one track a piece.
(Brewster on ‘No Way!’ and McConnell on Outland) as well as Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday, The Color Fred, Terrible Things) who contributes a stunning guitar solo on Endless Summer.
A much admired artist and esteemed music journalist Matera is a man of many talents, COH easily highlights just how much his music means to him and how dedicated he is to producing the best album he can.
COH is scheduled for release September, 2012 via W.A.R Productions.
Website: www.joematera.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/joe.matera

CD REVIEW: Joe Matera – Slave To The Fingers

The tricky thing about making instrumental music is this: do you make it ultra technical for the musician crowd, or do you make it more accessible for the average punter? Every once in a while someone finds the perfect balance – Satch had it on Surfing With The Alien – and that’s what I dig about Joe Matera’s EP, Slave To The Fingers. Joe has captured that elusive middle ground where melody and musician-impressing meet.

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I’m judging Rockstar Bowling Demon Rock Off guitar competition

Now this is going to be fun. What could possibly be more awesome than duking it out in a guitar battle royale where you must ultimately face the horned one him/her/itself, while being judged by an esteemed panel of respected guitar experts, and also me?


Celebrating ROCKTOBER, Rockstar Bowling proudly announces the first annual DEMON ROCK OFF GUITAR COMPETITION, to be held Sunday 16 October at 4pm at the venue’s Rock Bar.

Turning the volume up to “11” and inviting all amateur guitarists to showcase their signature “facemelting”, contestants will battle each other in a series of judged elimination rounds with two finalists selected for a soul-saving face off with the Devil himself. The Grand Prize winner will receive:

• A Gibson Epiphone Guitar
• $500 voucher to Gallins Musician’s Pro Shop
• Professionally Recorded Demo CD and Video
• Feature Showcase Gig at Rockstar Bowling Rock Bar
• Music Press Coverage Annoucements
• An Eternity of Free Bowling

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CD REVIEW: Atomkraft – Cold Sweat (EP)

British heavy/speed metal pioneers Atomkraft were formed by Tony Dolan (Venom) in 1979. Part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement, they make a welcome return with the Cold Sweat EP, which will be available in two formats: a 7″ EP limited to 200 copies only in colored vinyl and insert, and a CD limited to 1000 copies with two bonus tracks. The EP’s centrepiece is a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat” with I Heart Guitar’s good buddy Joe Matera contributing a ripping lead.

Oh and did i mention it features the most brutal cover art ever? Check it out.

Scared yet? You should be! The guitar tones are raw, dirty and unmistakably metallic with a sort of homespun vibe that works really well with the material and is in keeping with AtomKraft’s NWOBHM roots. In fact, the “Cold Sweat” cover almost has a Motorhead-meets-Rammstein vibe, with its Lemmy-esque vocals and fuzzy, fizzy rhythm guitars. Matera’s solo packs in some cool pentatonic legato licks and some tastefully-applied tapping, by the way – check it out.

Meanwhile “Dead Again” is classic speed metal, blisteringly fast and aggressive. “The Darkening” kicks off with the sound of angry dogs giving way to an angry riff and the sounds of an even angrier mob. Some almost Slayer-esque speed metal (and some very cool ‘angry bee’ guitar work) follow as the song twists and turns through evil forests of doom and other awesome metal stuff. Finally, “Gripped” opens with delicate Iommi-esque acoustic guitars before rocket fire and ominous industrial-edged riffing take over.

I love that bands like Atomkraft are still around. The Big Four of Thrash regularly pay tribute to NWOBHM these days, but live covers of “Am I Evil?” aren’t enough. We need the real deal to keep the sound alive. Hail Atomkraft!

Buy the EP here.

COOL VIDEO ALERT: Joe Matera – Face Off

Here’s a nifty little promo video for Joe Matera’s track “Face Off” for you to check out. Meanwhile, Joe’s been a busy dude: he plays a guitar solo on a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat” by English thrash metallers Atomkraft, who were formed and are led by bassit/vocalist Tony Dolan, who took over from Cronos in Venom in late 80s/early 90s period. Tony plays bass on “Face Off.”

ATOMKRAFT “Cold Sweat”
7″ EP limited to 200 copies only comes in coloured vinyl + insert!
MCD limited to 1000 copies only comes with 2 bonus tracks!
Bonus 1:1985 ATOMKRAFT Intro…played at London’s Original, MARQUEE club ,opening for Slayer on the Hell Awaits tour…
Bonus 2: Gripped (unreleased track)
Out in summer 2011 at W.A.R. Production

NEWS: New Joe Matera single – Face Off

I Heart Guitar buddy Joe Matera is preparing to release a new single, “Face Off,” from his forthcoming EP. It’s a more uptempo affair than the cruisy “Travellin’ West,” and I rather like the Shadows-esque approach to melody, placed within the contest of a more driving rock song. The track also includes a guest guitar solo by the great Rick Brewster of The Angels, which is damn fine.


Former Geisha guitarist Joe Matera is set to release his next original solo instrumental outing on May 2. Titled ‘Face Off’, it is an energetic rocker, and a full blown electric band affair, that features Matera’s signature melodic and tasty guitar playing. After having released previously two acoustic tracks, his original composition ‘Travellin’ West’ in Sept. 2010 and his cover of The Church anthem ‘Almost With You’ earlier this year, Matera decided it was time to return to his rock guitar roots.

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