Check out the Thermion Zero dynamic hybrid amplifier

Shout-out to José Manuel Martínez García-Casarrubios, who just emailed me about the Thermion Zero dyamic hybrid amplifier, currently funding on Kickstarter. This thing looks like it can do everything: stereo amplifier with inbuilt reverb, headphone amp, direct recording device with speaker modeller, power amp for your digital processor… you could use it to turn your pedalboard into an amp, or take a line out from your amp head and use it to drive a couple of extra speaker cabinets with stereo effects. There’s a preamp loop so you can use whatever preamp you like (in addition to the inbuilt, pedal-friendly one) too.

Here’s some info from the Kickstarter page:

As guitarists, we have always dreamed of a portable amplifier that would allow us to play live, rehearse or practice at home just with our pedals.

During two years of development, we’ve created a dynamic hybrid amplifier that retains the analog tone of a big tube amp, in a portable size, that you can carry anywhere. With our Class D hybrid power technology, with two real 40 watt outputs, we have reproduced the behavior of a tube amp’s transformers and all of their harmonics.

Zero has a clean analog preamp, stereo effects loop, stereo reverb and a preamp loop, so you can switch between its internal preamp and your own. Its emulated outputs equip our ‘Analog Speaker Modeling’ technology, which recreates the behavior of a real speaker cabinet using only analog circuits, to retain all the dynamics of your tone.

Thermion Zero is the hybrid revolution of simplicity and portability. Open up a whole new world of possibilities for your pedalboard with Zero.

Meet m.e.

KAI Technology, Inc. has unveiled a new music/audio accessory called the m.e.™ (master enhancer) that will dramatically improve the sound quality and audio experience from any set of headphones or speakers. The new gadget from KAI Technology, which launched earlier today on Kickstarter, has many uses, is about the size of a matchbook and aimed at those consumers, audiophiles and musicians “who are ready for a better music/audio experience that is tuned to what the human ear wants to hear.” Read More …

Introducing A Little Thunder

Ever wish you could have a big fat bass right there on your guitar? Me too. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff like octave pedals and 8-strings, and they’re all fun, but nothing quite does what the A Little Thunder pickup does. It takes your lowest two strings and shifts them down an octave or two. You can output the signal with your regular guitar sound or you can wire it up so you can send it to a whole separate rig. If you play metal or stoner styles you can get some hugely fat sounds. If you play jazz you can do some amazing walking bass stuff. If you’re a solo singer/guitarist you can really, really flesh out your compositions. But it’s not the “If you’re a [this] you can do [this]” applications that excite me the most: it’s the stuff that we can’t even envision yet that people will be using this for. Andy Alt has launched a Kickstarter to get this baby happening and there are plenty of great perks, my favourite of which is lunch with tech-to-the-starts Thomas Nordegg (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Mike Keneally). I’d like to think that Thomas would show up for lunch with some kind of MIDI-enabled, LED-festooned Ultra-Spork. But there’s also – get this – a 1987 Ibanez RG550 Roadflare Red prototype signed by Steve Vai and with A Little Thunder installed. Sweet, huh?

Here’s info about A Little Thunder and the Kickstarter. Read More …

Carparelli Guitars +ZOOM Kickstarter

infiniti Candy Apple Met KICKSTARTER v2

Wow, now this is cruelly cool. Carparelli has launched a kickstarter for the infiniti Si and Classico S models, each of which includes built-in +ZOOM tuner/preamp/modelling/effects stuff which is easily accessible via controls located where – well, where you’d expect to find ’em on an electro-acoustic guitar, which is the perfect spot for this sorta stuff. And check out those hot-rod-lookn’ bridges. These guitars mean business!

Read More …

Kickstarter For Star Trek: TNG Concept Album

PickardGuitarist Jason Kaye has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his prog rock concept album. Now, I’m always on the side of prog rock concept albums, but this one has an extra special angle: it’s inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation. Aah, this brings back memories of falling asleep to TNG after Letterman when I was in high school. I watched three quarters of so many episodes – I got to the end of more than a few, but I still have quite a lot to catch up on. Of course, then Deep Space Nine came along and I would regularly fall asleep after about five minutes instead of 45. Hehe. Anyway, here’s some info from Jason’s Kickstarter page: Read More …