Here you go. I improved your KISS setlist.

I just saw this KISS setlist on and I liked the descriptions of various set pieces…

01. Detroit Rock City
02. Deuce
03. Psycho Circus
04. Creatures Of The Night
05. I Love It Loud
06. War Machine
07. Flaming Youth
08. Calling Dr. Love
09. Hell Or Hallelujah (with “Let Me Know” ending)
10. Guitar Solo
11. Lick It Up
12. Bass Solo (Gene spits blood)
13. God Of Thunder (Gene flies up to lighting truss)
14. Cold Gin
15. Love Gun (Paul flies out to second stage)
16. Black Diamond
17. Shout It Out Loud
18. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
19. Rock And Roll All Nite

…but I thought it could use a little more pizazz. 

01. Detroit Rock City (Tommy bakes cake)
02. Deuce (Paul drives Optimus Prime)
03. Psycho Circus (Gene finds magic amulet)
04. Creatures Of The Night (Yoga)
05. I Love It Loud (Eric is Bananaman)
06. War Machine (with snack service)
07. Flaming Youth (with kitten parade)
08. Calling Dr. Love (Paul constructs working telephone exchange)
09. Hell Or Hallelujah (with happy ending)
10. Guitar Solo (Tommy splits into 3 for epic harmony section)
11. Lick It Up (Gene tries to lick it up)
12. Bass Solo (Gene spits blood. Shouldn’t have licked it up)
13. God Of Thunder (Gene flies up to lighting truss)
14. Cold Gin (Gene bonks head)
15. Love Gun (Paul flies out to second stage)
16. Black Diamond (Paul forgets wallet, flies back to first stage)
17. Shout It Out Loud (Paul flies out to second stage again)
18. I Was Made For Lovin’ You (Eric and Tommy fly to Jakku)
19. Rock And Roll All Nite (Gene spits blood again, paramedics arrive)

INTERVIEW: Tommy Thayer of KISS


KISS are about to hit Australia on their 40th anniversary tour, and if there’s one thing you can rely on in music, it’s that KISS are going to put on a big, big show. But this time they’re bringing their biggest: their ‘Spider’ lighting rig is coming with them to tower over the band and be even more menacing than Gene Simmons’ famous blood-spewing bass solo. And on stage left you’ll find Tommy Thayer inhabiting the role of the Spaceman as he has done since 2002. In the 13 years since Tommy started donning the iconic makeup and costume he’s gradually added hints of his own character to the icon. You can hear it in a certain confidence to his own solos, and see it in his choice of guitars, which diverge from the three-pickup Les Pauls Ace Frehley used when he was the Spaceman. Read More …

INTERVIEW: Ace Frehley


Ace Frehley. Just the mere mention of his name is enough to send a jolt through the veins of those with even a passing knowledge of KISStory. Whether you subscribe to the mythology of ‘Space Ace’ being a visitor from the planet Jendel or you tend to go with the less colourful version of the story (he’s from the Bronx), Ace represents a certain combination of earthiness and exoticness. In his days with KISS his iconic Spaceman character brought comic book mystique to established guitar hero tropes. His post-KISS career has seen him explore material that’s generally a little more ‘street,’ with more overt nods to his bluesier inspirations. But that doesn’t mean Ace is averse to an occasional trip back to his home planet: last year he released Space Invader, a self-produced album of mostly original tracks along with a very Ace-ian cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker” which enjoyed a #9 debut on the Billboard 200 charts – the only time a solo album by any past or present KISS member has hit the US top 10. And Ace returns to Australia in April and May with his triple-pickup Les Pauls in tow. Tickets here. Read More …

Ace Frehley Reunites With Ken Kelly For Cover Art

Ace Frehley Space Invader coverPRESS RELEASE: Founding KISS guitarist and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Ace Frehley has tapped long time friend and artist Ken Kelly to create the album cover for his upcoming LP SPACE INVADER, due out July 8th. The reveal comes exclusively through Rolling Stone today. Kelly, who created the iconic cover art for two of KISS’s best selling LPS, Destroyer (1976) and Love Gun (1977), says, “It was very exciting when I was approached with the idea of doing an album cover for Ace.” Read More …

New Ace Frehley Album Announced

Ace_Frehley_Press001557db1Friend of the site (hey, if Stephen Colbert can say it about people who have been on his show a few times, I can say it about someone I’ve interviewed twice) Ace Frehley is releasing a new album in June. Titled Space Invader, it’s his first release since 2009’s Anomaly and it’ll feature nine new tracks as well as a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker.” Ace’s last album had a pretty cool cover of “Fox On The Run” – dude seems to have a knack for picking interesting cover choices. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear this one and hopefully we’ll have another chat with Ace some time soon for some more info on the album. Here’s the press release: Read More …

Epiphone Sells Out Of Tommy Thayer Sigs

gbenttsfnh3-xl-02Earlier this year Epiphone launched the Limited Edition Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Les Paul Standard Outfit, a very cool silver flake Les Paul kitted out to Tommy’s specs and sporting a pair of Gibson USA Gibson 498T humbuckers and sporting some cool bonus stuff as well. These guitars have now sold out (Allans Music have one listed as in stock if you’d like to try your luck) and now were left with the question “What next?” At the end of the press release below, Epiphone states “Visit for more news on Epiphone, Tommy Thayer, and possible future runs of the Ltd. Ed. Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Les Paul Standard Outfit.” If there are future runs, I think it’d be great to see new designs based on some of the other guitars Tommy uses live with KISS. What do you think? Leave a comment! Here’s the press release: Read More …

NAMM: Washburn Time Traveler Series


Still have a couple of bucks left over after buying up a crate of KISS ice-cream? Well this guitar is probably the greatest KISS-related tie-in ever, and it’s the kind of thing that you don’t need to be a huge mega KISS fan to appreciate: the Washburn Limited Edition Time Traveler series. Taking some cues from the Gibson Firebird but going in a different direction, the Time Traveler, features Seymour Duncan mini humbuckers, Buzz Feiten Tuning System and very impressively applied ageing. These guitars attracted a lot of attention at NAMM, regardless of their connection to KISS and Paul Stanley: folks were just digging the fact that they were killer guitars.


Here’s the press release.

Washburn Guitars Presents the Limited Edition Time Traveler Series

Chicago, February, 2013 – Washburn Guitars is proud to introduce the Time Traveler series with the model PS2012R, a classically inspired guitar for the ages. Designed in conjunction with Paul Stanley of Kiss, the Time Traveler guitars are hand crafted and aged to look, feel and play as if they’re 40 years old.

Read More …