Ibanez Premium Universe & Jem Reissues!


Whoa! Christmas came early to subscribers to Steve Vai’s newsletter! In 2015 Ibanez will be releasing reissues of the blue floral Jem and the white Universe. The blue Jem – eh, I can take or leave that one – but the white Universe? Vai recorded “For The Love Of God” on a white Universe! And Korn fans are going to flip out over these too. Vai also announced that the super-affordable Jem Jr (previously only available in certain markets to combat counterfeits) will now be available worldwide! Read More …

Listen To Korn’s New Song, “Never Never”

KornThe mighty Korn return with “Never Never,” the first track from their forthcoming album The Paradigm Shift. This is their first album to feature returned co-founding guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch since 2003’s Take A Look In The Mirror, and “Never Never” seems to offer a very interesting glimpse into where the band is at now: there are distant hints of previous Korn albums like Untouchables and Take A Look In The Mirror but much more prominent is an altogether more mordern and unique sound. Kinda nice to see that they’re interested in moving forward rather than just retracing the past. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Check out the “Never Never” lyric video below, and then the press release for the new album.  Read More …

Head Returns To Korn

kornwithwelch2013It’s been a long time coming but finally Brian “Head” Welch is back in Korn. Head had popped up on stage a while ago to play Blind with the lads, and had been confirmed to play some shows with them this year, but now he’s officially back as a member and is working on their new album. I’m looking forward to this – I got into Korn well after their first big wave of success, and I really dig Untouchables in particular, as well as the follow-up, Take A Look In The Mirror. And his band Love & Death are pretty bitchen too. Below is a video of Korn in the studio laying down their new album with Head. Read More …

REVIEW: TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay & Looper

TC Electronic’s TonePrint line of effects ignited a revolution in the way guitarists approach stopboxes. These compact but powerful little pedals give you all sorts of effect parameters which you can set by yourself, but they also reserve a separate memory slot for you to load presets designed by some of the greats, who have access to even more parameter control than the pedals themselves let you tweak. You can beam these presets to your pedal via an iPhone or with a USB cable, and sound like your favourite artist. The Flashback Delay is a very versatile little pedal with six seconds of delay time, multiple delay types and a handy toggle switch for varying between quarter, 16th or dotted 8th notes, but it’s a little too simplified for those with complex delay needs. Enter the new Flashback X4.

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Wanna buy one?
Guitar Center: TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay & Looper

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Majik Box announces Munky signature distortion pedal


Majik Box signs pact with Korn’s Munky for the signature Krush distortion pedal.

May 2, 2012 – Torrance, CA – Majik Box, the developer of the Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe and Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel pedals have signed a pact with Munky, guitarist of the iconic metal band Korn to market the Majik Box Krush distortion, a pedal that will produce Munky’s signature distortion tones.  The Krush Distortion will begin shipping  this week.

The idea came to Majik Box founders Rob Nishida and David Simpson, when they were in the sound development phase of the company’s first metal oriented distortion pedal.  The two had decided early on that they did not want to develop another typical “metal” pedal already being marketed other pedal makers.  “We wanted to make something for drop tuned and 7-string guitar players that was bigger and more organic sounding than what was already out there,” says Simpson.

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