INTERVIEW: Scar The Martyr’s Joey Jordison

Scar The MartyrJoey Jordison has always been a monster of a drummer. His inventiveness and power have played a crucial role in making Slipknot into the unstoppable juggernaut it is. And if he was ‘only’ a drummer, his place in metal history would be assured. But Jordison isn’t tied down to one particular instrument. Murderdolls proved that he had a solid handle on rock-metal riffage. But with new band Scar The Martyr, Jordison is really free to explore his own musicality. He plays drums and bass throughout, and provides the guitar backbone for all but two of the self-titled album’s 14 tracks. As a guitarist Jordison’s style is assured, aggressive, and equal parts rhythmic and textural. As a result, Scar The Martyr [Roadrunner] is an incredibly dynamic listening experience, crammed full of brutal riffs and haunting chords, and some pretty damn chunky guitar tones too. In addition to Jordison, the album features the guitar work of Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad), Kris Norris (Darkest Hour) and vocalist Henry Derek, as well as Nine Inch Nails’ Chris Vrenna on keys.

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Three Decades Of Roadrunner Records

RoadrunnerI don’t think there’s a single metal fan alive who hasn’t banged their head to an album released by Roadrunner Records. Sepultura, Slipknot, Type O Negative, Fear Factory, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Rush, Trivium – these are just some of the bands who have released albums on the label over the years. To celebrate three decades of brutality (and even some good old-fashioned rock), Roadrunner has compiled the ultimate four-CD box set, XXX: Three Decades Of Roadrunner Records, which looks at four particular aspects of the label’s output: the early years, the 90s, the 2000s-to-present, and the hard rock element. It also features extensive liner notes, which is always fun, at least if you’re a liner-note-nerd like me who loves that stuff. It’s out on September 27, and here’s the press release: Read More …

INTERVIEW: Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor & Josh Rand

House-of-Gold-Bones-Pt.-2There comes a point in every band’s life when they start to long for something more. For some it’s an orchestral collaboration. For others it’s an elaborate narrative stage show. Maybe a film of some kind. Something that extends the creativity of the band beyond the regular album-tour-album-tour cycle. For Stone Sour that moment has come, and it’s manifested itself in the form of House Of Gold and Bones [Roadrunner], a two-part concept album and comic book project being portioned out over an extended timeframe. Musically it’s a logical progression from 2010’s brilliant Audio Secrecy but the project finds the band exploring even heavier territory, further narrowing the gap between Stone Sour and Slipknot, the band that shares two of its members (vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist James Root). I caught up with Taylor and guitarist Josh Rand after the band’s Soundwave festival sideshow with Linkin Park. Read More …

Free Gojira track download

Gojira release their new album L’Enfant Sauvage on June 22 via Roadrunner. It’s an utter monster of an album and I’ll publish my interview with singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joe Duplantier closer to the release date. But before then you can download a free mp3 of the track “Liquid Fire” via this Facebook link:

Go get it! Go go go!

New Rush album out June 8 – single out next week!

You’ve heard two songs from it previewed on the excellent  Time Machine live album, now get ready for the real deal! Rush will release Clockwork Angels on June 8, with new single “Headlong Flight” hitting the airwaves and internets on Friday April 20. That’s next week! I can’t wait for this one, and I know a lot of I Heart Guitar readers are big Rush fans too. Fingers crossed for an Australian tour. Please?



Legendary rock band Rush have unveiled details of its highly anticipated, new album, “CLOCKWORK ANGELS.”   This is the renowned trio’s first new collection of original material in over five years and their first studio release via Anthem/Roadrunner Records. “CLOCKWORK ANGELS,” the band’s 20thstudio album, will be released on June 8th .

The band is sharing an advanced taste of the music with a hard-riffing album trailer based on the “Clockwork” cover art on .

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Stone Sour hit the studio

Great to hear that Stone Sour have returned to the studio to record the follow-up to Audio Secrecy. I gave that album the ‘drag it out after about a year and see if it still holds up’ test last week, in fact, and found myself drawn to it pretty strongly (read my interview with guitarist Jim Root about it here). So I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

Here’s the press release.




Stone Sour, the Gold-certified, Grammy-nominated rock band, are proud to announce that they will begin recording their fourth album in March for longtime label Roadrunner Records. With most of thenew album already written, the band will soon head into Sound Farm Studios just outside of their native Des Moines, Iowa with producer David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Staind). The album is expected in the Australian spring of 2012, two years after the band’s most recent long player Audio Secrecy, which debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard chart, No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes Rock Album chart, and scored the highest international debuts of the band’s career including Top 5 charts in Germany, Japan and Austria, and Top 10 in the U.K. and Australia.

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INTERVIEW: Creed and Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti

I recently had the chance to talk guitar backstage with Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti prior to the band’s sideshow with Steel Panther during the monstrous Soundwave festival. Alter Bridge are about to release a live DVD via Roadrunner which will hopefully keep fans sated for a while in between Tremonti’s solo album and the next Creed recording. Mark is, and I say this in the most respectful way possible, a guitar nerd just like you and me, so it’s always fun to talk shop with him. So, enjoy!


How have the Oz shows been going?


We came down here without knowing what the crowd response was going to be, and it’s just like we’ve been touring here our whole lives. It’s incredible.


It’s been great watching you guys grow and evolve as a band, and especially seeing how nuts they go for you in the UK. 


Yeah! This is very reminiscent of the UK over here in Australia. It’s seeming to grow very quickly. This is the second time we’ve been here and it’s already been over the top.


Slash got up and played a song with you recently. What was that like?


Oh it was great. Slash has played with us a handful of times now, and every time the crowd just eats it up. We love it. We’re all fans and we’re just honoured to have him out there.


And you’re playing with Steel Panther on this tour. 


Yeah. We’ve known them for a while. We did a few shows in the States, we’re under the same management and they had the idea of putting us together on these sidewave shows. And I’ve jammed with them before, but I probably won’t do that tonight because they’re two very different shows.

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Roadrunner signs Steven Wilson/Mikael Åkerfeldt collaboration

Aside from the new Van Halen, it’s got to be the most highly anticipated album of the year in my little corner of the world: Storm Corrosion, the collaboration between Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree and Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth. And they’ve just signed to Roadrunner Records. Loved Wilson’s Grace For Drowning and the fusionesque Heritage by Opeth? Wilson says this album completes that trilogy. Can’t wait to hear it!



Roadrunner Records is pleased to announce the signing of Storm Corrosion.

Storm Corrosion is the long-discussed and highly anticipated collaboration between two of the modern progressive rock scene’s most innovative and multi-talented artists: Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth. The pair will release Storm Corrosion on April 20.

Wilson and Åkerfeldt have been friends since the late ’90s, when Wilson co-produced Opeth’s reveredBlackwater Park album. Over the years, they’d often spoken of working on a project together, but it wasn’t until recently that they managed to make something happen, when Mikael flew over to visit Steven in the UK and they ended up in Wilson’s home studio throwing ideas around. That visit was the nascence of a whole self-titled album, written and produced by the pair and mixed by Wilson.

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