Skink Tank announce 7-track, self-titled cassette

Skink Tank are three mates who like lizards and playing music together. Their style is punchy, defiantly optimistic and full of life, as they explore the wimpy side of pub rock.

Psychic Hysteria is thrilled to be releasing Skink Tank’s debut EP on a limited run of cassettes and digitally November 27. The Skink Tank EP is a collection of catchy tracks that wants you to feel like it’s okay not to feel okay, and that you can even have fun with it. It addresses the big issues in life, such as being a party pooper during New Year’s Eve celebrations, daydreaming in the workplace, trying not to become your Dad, and buying your veggies locally (except for when you don’t).

The EP was recorded in between lockdowns at a disused farm in Lancefield, not far from the ancient Wurundjeri greenstone quarry, Wil-im-ee Moor-ring (“axe-place”).

Lead single and opener Melbourne Water is a jangly ode to bush crew work, and the sense of wonder found in unlikely places. Another highlight, Look at Me Now is a waltzing defence of feeling unsuccessful at adult life.