ToneConcepts Steve Lukather ‘The Luke’ Pedal

The Luke (1024x921)

PRESS RELEASE: ToneConcepts Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Steve Lukather’s signature pedal, “The Luke”, developed in collaboration with one of the world’s most respected guitar players. “The Luke” is the first pedal in our upcoming ICON series of signature pedals developed with the world’s foremost guitarists.

Lukather was an early tester of ToneConcepts’ award-winning pedal, “The Distillery”, which quickly became an essential component of his sound and earned a permanent place on his pedalboard.  Read More …

REVIEW: Sterling By Music Man LK100D

lukeSteve Lukather is one of Ernie Ball Music Man’s greatest ambassadors. He’s been playing his signature line on stage and in the studio for decades now, on G3 tours, with Ringo Starr, as a solo artist and of course with his legendary band Toto. Luke’s EBMM models are all incredibly playable and they all have a rich, rounded tone – especially the most recent iteration, the Luke III line featuring Luke’s new signature DiMarzio Transition passive humbuckers. Now Luke’s design is more accessible thanks to the Sterling By Music Man LK100D, which includes his signature pickups as well as much of the LIII’s distinctively smooth vibe. Read More …

Sterling By Music Man Luke LK100D

Luke2 (2) (624x1024)Just saw something incredibly cool over on the Ernie Ball forums: a Sterling By Music Man Steve Lukather model called the LK100D, based on Lukather’s EBMM Luke III model! The news was confirmed by Brian Martin of Praxis Musical, home of Sterling By Music Man. He says: “We are proud to announce to you our newest Sterling By Music Man Artist Signature Series. This Artist is one whose talent resides in the upper echelon of Grammy Award winning musicians, known world-wide, a true “players player”.
Ladies and Gentlemen: Luke.
Please welcome to our fine family of Artists, the new for 2014 Sterling By Music Man LK100D Steve Lukather Artist Signature Guitar!
Available worldwide February 2014
The new LK100D is based on the newest incarnation of the Music Man Luke III. It features two DiMarzio Luke Signature “Transitions” humbuckers, a “push-push” Active volume boost based on the original Music Man design, 5 position pickup selector, Vintage Tremolo factory set for full step and a half pulls, locking tuning machines, and will, for now, be available in Luke Blue and Metallic Black. Read More …

COOL GEAR ALERT: DiMarzio Steve Lukather ‘Transition’ pickups

DiMarzio has just announced the Transition neck and bridge humbuckers. These are the same custom pickups found in Steve Lukather’s Luke III Music Man model. A set of these has just arrived for review so I’m currently gutting one of my guitars so I can install them and check them out for you!

Here’s the press release:


Staten Island, N.Y., December 4, 2012 – DiMarzio, Inc. is thrilled to welcome legendary TOTO guitarist, solo artist, and first-call session player extraordinaire, Steve Lukather to its team of esteemed endorsers. DiMarzio announced it will release two new Transition™ humbucking pickups for electric guitars in early December of 2012. The Transition™ pickups were developed by DiMarzio and Lukather for his new LIII™ Music Man® guitar. The pickups will also be available for retail sale from DiMarzio. Read More …


RJM Music is offering The Tone Saver, the same audio buffer circuit found in their high end audio switching products such as the Effect Gizmo and the Rack Gizmo, but placed in a compact pedal sized enclosure. The first one was sent to Dave Friedman, who used it in Steve Lukather’s new pedalboard.

To order the Tone Saver, go to RJM Music’s webstore. RJM dealers will be getting them soon.

COOL GEAR ALERT: Ernie Ball Music Man LIII

Steve Lukather recently unveiled the LIII, a new signature model which takes his established Luke model and updates it with a few tweaks – most notably new custom-voiced passive DiMarzio pickups in place of the active EMGs on the Luke model. And the new, larger body shape was a response to requests from players who felt that the standard version made them look too big. Luke is currently touring Australia with G3 and for Bluesfest, and this guitar sounded incredible in the hands of both Luke and Mike Keneally. And man, I want one. And I have a huge – huge – interview with him to post when I’ve finished typing it up, but here’s a teaser:

“I’m loving mine. I wanted to do a different take on it. Non-active DiMarzios, a little bigger body. It’s a simplification. But we’ve had such fantastic success with the guitar over the years, why not see where this goes? I listen to what people say. Constructive criticism, I’m all about. But if someone’s going to go on the internet and beat the shit out of me for a laugh, there’s not much I can do about that. But I listen to these things. They (Ernie Ball) were a little bit opposed to this at first, but we found a happy medium and so far the reactions are really positive.”

And here are some pics from NAMM:

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INTERVIEW: Steve Lukather


How do I put this… y’know ‘music?’ If you’ve ever listened to it, the chances are extremely high that Steve Lukather was involved. Michael Jackson’s “Beat It?” Luke. Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” – Luke too. Richard Marx’s megahit album Repeat Offendor? Luke. Hell, he’s even contributed backing vocals to a few Van Halen songs. But session work is only part of the story. Lukather’s band Toto are legendary within hardcore musician circles as well as to general pop radio audiences – an almost impossible feat to pull off – and his solo albums somehow manage to bring together the whole breadth of his professional career under a single banner without sounding disjointed. In fact, recent albums like All’s Well That Ends Well and Ever Changing Times sound incredibly current.

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