NEWS – New Releases 04/11/2008

Not a huge amount of new stuff released this week, but the Jason Becker and George Lynch album are definitely keepers. Click on any title to buy the album.

Jason Becker – Collection Shrapnel
This compilation includes such Becker classics as ‘Altitudes,’ ‘Air’ and the David Lee Roth track ‘It’s Showtime,’ as well as three new songs featuring guest appearances by Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Michael Lee Firkins and Steve Hunter. While you’re at it, check out his classic album, Perpetual Burn.

George Lynch’s Souls of We – Let the Truth Be Known Shrapnel
Souls of We is a modern rock band with the Hollywood rock voice of former Brides of Destruction singer London LeGrand, and of course the unforgettable guitar playing of George Lynch. The songs are a little bit dark, with lots of atmosphere and, of course, brilliant shredding from Lynch.

Billy Sheehan – Holy Cow! Victor Entertainment
This one was released about a week ago in Japan and it kinda crept under the radar, so I’m gonna include it in this week’s new releases. Bass god Billy’s latest album includes guest appearances by Doug Pinnick of King’s X, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, and Sheehan’s former Mr Big bandmate, Paul Gilbert.

Tenacious D – The Complete Master Works 2 Sony
This cheekily-titled new 2-disc set by the D follows up on the original Complete Master Works DVD with a whole new batch of tenaciousness, including a full length live concert filmed at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, their 2006 MTV Movie Awards performance, a version of ‘Master Exploder’ from Late Night with Conan O’Brien, ‘The Metal’ from Saturday Night Live, and more.

Symphony X – Paradise Lost 5.1 (CD/DVD) Inside Out/SPV
5.1 Surround Sound mix of their latest album, for completists and audiophiles. This release also includes a DVD with the videos for Set The World On Fire and Serpent’s Kiss.

NEWS: Caparison Michael Romeo signature

Caparison’s signature model for Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo, the Dellinger-MJR Pro.White, arrives in stores this month. It’s based on Caparison’s Dellinger model, with a few custom touches. It includes a Dimarzio Tone Zone humbucker in the neck, and a Dimarzio X2N humbucker in the bridge.

The tuners are cosmo black Gotohs, while the bridge is a black Schaller Floyd Rose-type locking unit. The body is made of mahogany, and the maple neck is carved to Romeo’s specs. The guitar’s only available in ‘Pro.White,’ with a black headstock. Caparison says the finish is the company’s original process which helps emphasise mid and low range frequencies. The control layout is pretty simple: A single volume pot, and a 3 way pickup selector switch. 

Romeo used the guitar on Symphony X’s latest album, Paradise Lost. While the build quality, playability and sound are no doubt top level, the mismatched hardware colours and non-matching humbucker bobbins kinda make this one look like a parts guitar to my eyes. It’s kinda surprising that Romeo didn’t take the opportunity to go all out with a more distinctive design. What do I Heart Guitar readers think?

CLICK HERE to buy the latest Symphony X album, Paradise Lost