No, y’know what? SUCK IT, Hot Lixx Guitar.

When I was a kid, Tyco came out with the Hot Lixx toy guitar. The ads were all some variation of some cool kid, with cool kid hair, blowing away all the other cool kids with their mad guitar skills, often while bragging ‘never had a single lesson.’


And look at this.


There was even one (which I can’t seem to find on YouTube, but it definitely happened because it left its horrid insulting imprint on my growing brain when I was most vulnerable) where some adult rock star lookin’ dudes were auditioning guitar players, then a kid came in and wheedled on his Hot Lixx and bragged about never having had a lesson or been to GIT or sold his soul at the crossroads or even been to one of those John Petrucci guitar camps I can’t afford.

Do you know how mad this made me?

Do you have any idea how my ten-year-old heart raged with indignity at the utter injustice of suggesting it’s all in the gear?!?